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Five best short games to play

When our busy schedules and hectic to-do lists take a toll on our free time, it might not be the smartest idea to start another game that doesn’t have an end in sight. So, instead of trying to fit a week-long game into your scarce free time, this is the time when short games that you can finish in one or two evenings, or even in just one sitting, come in handy for gamers with full-time jobs. Take a look at some of the best short games that are certainly not going to waste your time but will definitely satisfy your gaming addiction.


For those who love to combine gaming and gambling, slots are one of the best ways to spend some free time since they usually do not take many hours from your day, but they leave you with a sense of accomplishment and provide you with hours of entertainment. Fortunium has some special features compared to other slot games, such as Win Booster. There are 5 reels available for you to play and about 40 potential paylines. Websites like offer loads of similar games and some neat bonuses to get you started on the right foot.

What Remains of Edith Finch

This is an interactive game about a cursed family who ended up living in the woods. You will need to give it about three hours of your time but that will prove to be quite enough time for this game to fulfill its duty of supplying you with mesmerizing stories, memories, and fondness for childhood, family, and friendship that will certainly bring out emotions in you in ways you won’t be expecting.


Probably one of the strangest games you will ever play, which is exactly the reason why you need to include it to your array of games to try out. Trackless is a dreamlike game where the goal is to find the sacred ‘object’ that only the very few have the chance to see, by solving puzzles and quests. Estimated time you will need to beat this game is two hours, which definitely isn’t much compared to some other games.


Another one of the dreamlike, bizarre games; however, this one is set entirely underwater. The focus is not on telling but on showing and on breathtaking images throughout the whole game. You can finish this game in about two hours and you will definitely want to go with Abzu on this journey through both terrifying and magical deep blue water at least once.

A Way Out

This is a split-screen game that you will need another person to play with, and both online and locally are possible. Considering that it needs about six hours to completely finish, this is the longest one on this list, but it is definitely worth your time even if you have to split it into two evenings. The two players take on the characters of Vincent and Leo who have just broken out of a high stakes prison and are now tested by a series of mini-games all of which require tight cooperation between the two players.