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Best Sports Games That Can Be Played Online

People have always enjoyed sports. Quite recently, the only way you could enjoy sports was live. Nowadays, with the help of the Internet, you can watch sports online, play sports games, bet on various betting sites, use promo codes, such as the Betfair promo code and make the games more interesting. Every time you get bored, you can just turn on your phone, tablet or computer and enjoy your favorite sports game in some way.

For those who love playing games, we decided to present to you five best sports games that can be played online in our opinion.


The first online sports game we will present to you is about football, one of the most favorite sports games ever. We present to you BumperBall. What differs this game from other games is that it is football but in bumper cars. So you play football with bumper cars on an ice rink. It is quite interesting and we recommend you to try it on and tell us what you think!


Super Soccer is another game about football. It is a game that is simply about the game, and not about popular football players. It is free of charge and you can play it anytime. The game offers practice for beginners. So before you start playing the game, they recommend you to practice. How do you practice? You choose a strong team for yourself and weaker team for the computer. Then you simply follow the rules. Once you have learned how to play, relax and enjoy the game!


Wheelchair Rugby is an interesting game which requires a bit of practice. It is a game that will take you to the Paralympics online! As its name says it, this is a game about rugby. Rugby fans love it very much, but people who are not very keen on rugby also love to play this game. How do you play this game? Firstly, you need to choose your international team. Once you have chosen a team, for instance, Canada, you choose players. You are allowed to choose four players only. It is a tricky game to play, but it is definitely worth your time and effort!


Tennis Ace is another game that gives you the opportunity to practice. Before you start playing the game you can do a bit of practice. Once you have mastered the options you choose one of the three levels of difficulties. The graphics are great so you will enjoy every step of the game!


Pandalf Golf is a very popular game among golf fans. It has as many as 100 levels! Passing through the levels is what makes this game highly addictive! Those who manage to pass all the levels can make their own levels. Even though it has a very annoying sound system, and even though the graphics are not so good, the players have rated it with four stars. We highly recommend it, so give it a try!