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7 Board Game Apps to Die for

Apps are inescapable. Today, you can find apps for just about anything, so there are weather apps, workout apps, puzzles, and sport betting apps. It is not surprising, therefore, that there are even board game apps. How does that work and what are some of the more interesting board games you can play on your phone?

Eight-Minute Empire

As the name suggests, the game is fast paced with fairly decent AI opponents. Think of it as simplified Risk, with a few alterations. The game begins with all players starting from the same territory and your moves and options are determined by the cards you are given. Not great, not terrible, and definitely worth checking out.


If you’ve seen YouTubers play a game where a disease is taking control of the world and you try to help it along the way like Plague Inc. or Pandemic, you are already somewhat familiar with the concept. The board game with the name Pandemic has been around since 2008, and it has found its way to our mobile devices. This time, the premise is slightly different. You and your friends try to stop the spreading of four diseases that are bent on destroying the world. It is a co-op game, so it is designed to be played by several people on a single device.


This is a tile-placing game. Basically, you are supposed to place a tile to build and develop your roads and cities, all the while trying to limit your opponent’s expansion. The tiles are like puzzle pieces that can get connected in almost any way you desire, making the game versatile and fun for all ages. You can play against AI, enjoy some Pass and Play, or take on people from all over the world. It is worth noting that the app comes with a few expansions.


There have been several expansions and versions of the game, but we shall stick to the classics for this list. Up to four players fight to have the largest army and the longest road. If you’ve liked the board game, you are definitely going to enjoy the app.


Spread your armies across the continents and destroy your opponents who are trying to stop you from dominating the world. Honestly, I was somewhat hesitant to put this one on the list. One the one hand, it is a classic recognized by a global audience. On the other, the app is not without its faults. The game is free, though there is a premium version. There is a tutorial, the option to play online against other players, interesting graphics, and achievements you can win. All in all, this is a decent app for this game.

Exploding Kittens

This is the app of the game that reached meme-like status online. Players draw cards from a central deck, hoping against hope that they will not pull out the exploding kitten and lose the game. Does it sound like something that is determined by dumb luck? Well, the cards let you skip a turn, shuffle the deck, and mess with your opponents in other ways. It has a hilarious name and brutal gameplay, so try not to get blown up.